Arik is a true visionary. His culinary passion is matched by his expertise in restaurant strategy. I am confident he will take your business idea to new heights!
— Amy Packard Berry, DigitalWire360

Arik Markus, Rimon's Founder and Principal



Over the past 25 years, I’ve honed my culinary and operational expertise with a special focus on positive company culture, reliable systems and intensely flavorful food. Advocating for transparency between guests and the food served to them is a personal and professional mission. Diners deserve to know where their food comes from, and my clients and I sleep better at night having the confidence that the meals they serve are sustainably sourced and support local farmers, ranchers and economies.

The entrepreneurs and operators that I’ve helped have learned that the details matter, integrity wins points and the best service sometimes isn't even noticed- all hallmarks of a business that is geared towards pleasing its guests first. Simply put, everything is taken care of, and diners turn into regulars.

No matter whether fine dining or fast casual, which cuisine is served or where you're located, you can leverage my knowledge and experience to help you tell your story and build your brand.